Tuesday, May 08, 2007



Recycling of attention.

Manning: Focus on I, then you, then the environment, then we, then God.

We and everything are God’s dance.

When I dance on this floor—both the floor and I are made of dancing atoms. This dance floor and dancing I are expressions of the dancing earth and expanding cosmos.

And great as we are, we do not keep to ourselves that we are the dancing cosmos. We reverberate back to the earth and cosmos. The fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in Japan can help create a sunshower over Boston. Sunspots help create our weather. And the butterfly needs the sun for its dance. And the sun needs the galaxy for its dance. And the galaxy needs the universe for its dance. And the universe apparently wants us to know this and to express this in dancing words.

We are all the cosmic dance with our own unique moves.

So, when I recycle back to God, I feel that my own wholeness, integrity, honesty is part of the expanding cosmos.

And then I recycle back to focusing on me.

And then to you and then to we. But I feel different after I sense that my body and self and you and we are an expression of the expanding cosmos.

Every thing and event has some kind of awareness (look what explosions happen when we disturb a few uranium atoms). So the expanding cosmos has its own awareness. But we are all the expanding cosmos in our own special way. God has an infinite number of faces—especially you and I and everyone and everything else.

The first philosopher, Thales, wrote that “everything is full of Gods.”

So you and I and everyone and everything are full of it.


How can I feel this?

I dance with my eyes closed doing authentic movement: I feel unlimited and surprised and loved and free and whole. I open my eyes without losing the freeing love I feel with my eyes closed. I feel part of God now. My typing is part of a small dance of God.


This is really even simpler than it sounds. Trees, cats, rocks, water are all part of the cosmic flow.


There are some basic physical forces that are part of the cosmic flow.

Gravity versus expansion. Centripetal versus centrifugal {fleeing} force. We could see it as the loving force and the freeing force. The Greek philosopher Empedocles said that love and strife (which could be understood as struggling to be free to get what we want) are the two forces that move everything.

Dancing solo I am free to be me

Dancing in a duet, focusing on “we” I am moved by love, joined by love.

Momentum is: loving, honoring, being with the forces that move me into this moment.

Creativity is: freely transforming this moment into what I desire.


All cats are graceful.

We humans sometimes lose our grace because we leave the present for the future or past.

Our human gift, that we imagine so many possibilities, takes me away, at times, from the grace in the present.

The challenge is to imagine possibilities while still enjoying my small dance in the present. The future and past our part of my dance in the present.


To be a person means to have “personnas,”—masks.

And a mask often takes me away from who I am.

But again I am able to peep out from behind my mask so you know my mask is a way of expressing one part of me. I am not hiding, my mask, my personna, is revealing.

** ** ** ** **

I respond to what is outside my apartment. The birds are chirping. I move like a chirping bird. I allow the chirps to make me move in a chirpy rhythmic way.

But I have internal options. I listen to the chirp and I feel like I am flying. Or the pain I feel from the chirps chirping into me moves me to close my eyes and cry and shake my head, “No, no!”

And now I go back to flying like a bird. So many many options. Especially when I move from external to internal to external etc.


In a similar way: in relationships I move from being more I’ish or you-ish or we-ish and keep moving among many options. When I am you-ish I focus on the way your body moves or the sound of your voice and your words. When I am I’ish I focus on what your moves, sounds and words do to me.


To be true I am both me and you! I feel my body inside and out and feel what it is like to see your body and be your body from the inside. I at times can do this by simply asking: let me feel what it is like to be Manning now. Quite something if you ask me.


Manning says: whatever you need to do helps the duet. Your solo feeds duet.


There is a huge difference between moving from my experience and moving from my impulse.

I have an urge to hold your hand. But wait. I check into my body and mind and feel love for your hand. What a different way of holding it.

I then open my arms wide to express this love.


Manning: Rest in feelings and then open to possibilities.


I kiss the air the next time I feel love for you.


Manning: Relax into the moment. Feel your desires. Move in a way that they are beginning to come true. Desire for love? Love the air, the floor, and even the words that say “I’d love to find my new love.”


Manning: When you relax into the moment, free yourself from your stories. So relax into your feelings for your former wife now.

I feel the awesome love between us. My stories about this love hide me from the amazing power of this love.

I am so sorry I did a love by-pass. I now love, love, love your sensitivity Thea. I love your laugh. I love how grateful you are when I call you. It’s a pity we cannot build trust. I ask you not to leave sensitive messages on my voice mail and you do it again. I do love your impulsiveness. And the content didn’t bother me. But that you broke your promise twice not to do this, does make me feel I again cannot trust you. Alas.

And I cannot push myself to want to be with you.

I’ve done that too long. It’s self-abuse when I try to overcome my feelings. I trust if I let them be, then all the love that is between us will grow into all it can be.

We do love each other. Let’s see what arises.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Serve God With The Evil Impulse"
Hasidic Saying

Hate is great
to create
love weapons
ev'ry second.

Surgeon General's Warning: "Love Weapons are always good for your health."



The energy pressing against me stopping me from writing is my energy. It comes to me from people.
Something stopped me from exploding.

My father wanting us weak. Our society. Our religion taking away from us our divinity.

As soon as I greet this pressure laughing it joins me!!!!
How crucial integration of energies is.
A little scarey how much I/we can do when we our not fighting ourselves. When we are integrating.

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